Fall is here! The season for re-wearing is too.

October is finally here! That means fall is here in full force. We can finally break out the hot chocolate. boots, sweatpants, scarves, hats and heated blankets! (This is my favorite time of year if you can’t tell).

In Mississippi though, the weather fluctuates like the wind. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe for the season, here are tips and tricks to mix and match items you already have. 

  • See what you have to work with.

First things first, go through and see what items you have that you can pair with others. If you need some must-have items, check your local thrift store. You might be surprised at the quality things you will find.

  • Keep trends in mind, but don’t let them define your style.

If you have some items that tend to never go out of style, keep them somewhere within reach at all times. Trends are important, but don’t let them dictate what you wear or what you spend. I’ve worn the same cardigan and leggings for a week straight. It’s comfortable, and it works.

  • Know what works for you.

I used to be all about buying the newest anything when October came around when I was in high school. Since I’ve gotten to college, I’ve learned to control that and save more for more important things I need.

You don’t always have to spend a fortune to dress for success.



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